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Q: Is Green Machine Lawns insured?

Yes, we are insured. If you need proof of Insurance, please e-mail us, and we would be happy to send you all information.

Q: Why might it be better to have the same company do all my lawn maintenance services?

Green Machine Lawns provides a range of services from lawn mowing, landscaping, lawn renovation projects, as well as fertilizer and weed control. Let us take care of all of your services, so you never have to worry about whether or not two services will be scheduled simultaneously, or if the continuity of the services performed will remain the same from one season to the next.

Q: What areas do you guys cover?

Great question. We cater mainly to Harford County, Maryland. We however do go into Baltimore County (white marsh and parkville) is currently as far as we will go. We hope to expand even further in the future.

Q: What are your average prices for lawn care?

We start off at $25/cut for townhouses, single family homes are around $30-35. You can get a instant estimate on our price calculator.

Q: How does Green Machine Lawns bill?

We offer a lot of different ways. We can send you a bill every month, you can pay upon arrival, or you can have a personalized account and pay online! We make this very simple.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

You can use your credit card with our online payment solution.

Q: What are your office hours?

In season (April-November) 9am-7pm (Monday-Saturday)
Off-season (December-Feb) 9am-4pm (Monday-Friday)

Q: What ways can we reach you?

You can send us an e-mail, text message, or give us a call at 443-863-YARD (9273)

When does our contract end?

There is no signed contract. Your service will continue from season to season unless, you inform us you would like to cancel your service.

What if I have a dog or a pet?

Please make sure you let us know ahead of time, so the crew will keep a eye out when opening the gate or have your dog put up on your service day. The crew does their best to close the gate, but accidents do happen, so we are not responsible for lost animals. If the animal gets lose while we are there, the crew will contact the office, so you can be made aware of the issue.

What about service issues or complaints?

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction! If our work is not satisfactory, or you think we did not service your yard, we do not give credit, however, we will resend the crew to fix the area in question without additional charge. The issue will be fixed either on the same day (time permitting) or next business day. Your notification of unsatisfactory service must be received within 24 hrs of the service. If you do not notify us within 24 hours of the service, we will consider the work satisfactory.

Do you leave a bill after each cut?

We do not. However you are paying, we send that out at the end of the month. We can leave one of our postcards, saying "we just cut your yard" if you would like to be informed we were there that day. Ask for this when signing up.

Do you bag grass clippings?

Our service does not include bagging the grass clippings, however, we do offer it at an additional charge provided the route can handle the service. Please inquire when signing up if you are interested. Also keep in mind, when your lawn is mowed weekly, the grass clippings will not be as much as when mowed biweekly.

Q: Why do I need a professional lawn care company?

The biggest reason is time. Our motto is to take back your weekends. We know that you don’t want to spend your days off work mowing the lawn or laying mulch so let us do it for you! The second reason is we have access to top quality machines, chemicals, and knowledge. Yes you can go to Home Depot and buy a mower and spend 30 min every week mowing your lawn. Or you can hire us and we can take our machines and have your lawn looking great in about 15 min. Basically hiring a professional makes your life easier. Its not different then hiring a repair man to fix something, you may be able to take the appliance apart and fix it but who has the time to mess with that when you can call someone out that can fix it quick!

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Our Customers Love Us

"Great service. I called for a quote and they came out the next day to cut my grass. I will definitely be using them in the future for other projects."
- Tiffany - White Marsh, MD

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