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Green Machine Lawns offers a bunch of different ways to pay. You can pay online, be mailed an invoice, or even pre-pay for the entire season. Below we will list our options and anything else we think you, our customer should know.

Monthly Payments:
A: Online Bill Pay - If you choose this option, we send out a invoice at the end of the day. The invoice details the amount you owe, and what we did. You do not need to pay this right away. If we cut you 4 times a week, or even bi-weekly, you can wait until the end of the month to pay. However, payment will be due, before your next scheduled cut the following month.
B: Mailed out Invoices - If you request we mail you an invoice, we send out all invoices at the end of the month. All payments are due on the 12th.
C: You can pay upon arrival.

Season Prepay:
The Season Prepay plan is based on 26 weeks of lawn mowing service. By paying your lawn services before the season begins, you get a discount off the total for these services. This is a great way to save on your lawn care, with a significant discount. The average season ranges from mid-April to mid-November, which gives Green Machine Lawns about 33 plus weeks to complete the 26 weeks of service. If at the end of the season the 26 weeks have not been completed, a refund will be issued in the form of trade for extra services, a credit to your account, or monetary refund. Green Machine Lawns has offered the Season Prepay option for 3 years now, and many customers have taken advantage of this discount over the years. Green Machine Lawns has always endeavored to ensure that the full value of the payment is received if not more.

Besides the discount rate, the Season Prepay has many benefits. When you prepay, your rate will be frozen through the season. Season Prepay customers are not subject to any rate increases or extraneous charges during the season, even those due to fuel price increases. Any extra work necessary during the cut (double cutting, clipping removal, raking, extra cleanup, pre-mowing, etc) is covered. If you need additional cuts during the season above the weekly mowing service, they are covered in the Season Prepay plan. Grass growing too fast and long? Need an extra cut for a party or special occasion? One more cut at the end of the season? All covered in the plan.

However, Season Prepay customers will be subject to the minimum monthly charge term. If your lawn burns out during dry weather conditions, you will still be assessed a minimum of 2 cuts per month. Those assessed cuts will be counted toward the minimum of 26 cuts per season.

Now for the small print. All prepays are fully refundable until April 17. After April 17, all services rendered at the the full price service rate will be applied to the prepay, and the remaining balance will be refunded, with Green Machine Lawns keeping $100 minimum as nonrefundable. If for some reason Green Machine Lawns has to end your services before the full season is complete, you will be refunded as described above. In addition, you must allow Green Machine Lawns to complete the full 26 weeks of services within the described 32 plus week mowing season. Repeated call-offs, completing the work before Green Machine Lawns, disallowing service all will constitute canceling the Prepay plan and refunds will be treated as described above. If at the end of the season the 26 weeks have not been completed, a refund will be issued in the form of trade for extra services, a credit to your account, or monetary refund. You will not receive monthly statements, but your services will be recorded and you may request a service history at any time in the season.

The Season Prepay is the only discount program that Green Machine Lawns will offer for the season. Those customers that don’t prepay will be on the pay as you go program, at full price. We do not plan on offering additional prepay offers after the April deadline.

In the above terms, if you do not pay us for lawn-cutting service (at the end of the month for online users, or by the 12th for mailed invoices), we will stop cutting your yard until payment is received.

Green Machine Lawns reserves the right to add a fuel surcharge in the event of major fuel price spikes throughout the season. For more information about the escalation clause feel free to contact Green Machine Lawns. This clause does not apply to customers who choose the Season Prepay Option.

Long Grass Policy:
In cases where your grass is overgrown (greater than 6 inches), we often have to charge an additional fee. This compensates the lawn service provider for the additional time it takes to complete the job. Therefore, we reserve the right to charge $20 in addition to the original price in cases of overgrown grass.

In cases where the grass is extremely overgrown (taller than 12 inches), we will provide you a custom quote for the completion of the job, as in these cases it often takes much more time and/or specialty equipment.

These policies ensure our hardworking service providers are fairly compensated for the time they spend on each job.

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