Weekly/Bi-Weekly Lawn Care Price Calculator

This price calculator is for single family homes only.
Farms and commercial properties will need to be estimated in person. Townhomes are $25 flat rate!

Enter the approximate acreage of your lawn. Please round DOWN to the nearest whole number (example: 0 acres, 1 acre, 2 acres, etc.

How many sides of your yard contain perimeter sidewalks? Most corner homes in neighborhoods contain 2 sidewalks.

Approximately how many trees are in your yard?

How many sides of your yard contain a fence line? Only include fence lines that will be mowed up to or around (not obstructed by growth, trees, etc).

Does your yard contain various children's playthings, such as jungle gyms, playhouses, etc.
Swimming Pool

Do you have a swimming pool? (Built-in or above-ground)

(Or Press "Enter" on your Keyboard)

Current Specials:

Townhomes: $25.00 (Weekly or Bi-Weekly)
$25.00 Flat price for townhomes!
includes trimming

Townhome Group Rate: $20.00 Per Home (Weekly or Bi-Weekly)
All townhomes in the group (on the same block) for just $20.00 per service!

Neighbor Rate: $5 Off Per Home* (Weekly or Bi-Weekly)
All neighbors (on the same block) receive $5 off final price per service! For example, if your calculated price is $35, your price will be knocked down to $30!
*Excludes townhomes. Homes must be within 100 yards of each other. $20 cut off line. After that we knock a % off.

Custom Quote Required If:
* 4 or more Acres
* 5 or more Sidewalks
* 11 or more Trees
* 5 or more Fences

NOTE: ** Price Calculator is not always right and can change upon arrival. We try to value the estimate 99% of the time.
* Grass over a certain length, will require extra payment.

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